Add a Truly Unique Feature to Your Property

Ask Caiden Construction about our custom pergolas and custom gazebos in Rockland County, NY

Do you want to give your backyard the same unique design and personality of your home? Custom gazebos or pergolas are showstopping features that are sure to boost your curb appeal. Caiden Construction LLC builds custom pergolas and gazebos in Rockland County, NY.

Trust us to create, plan and build the perfect structure to elevate the look of your backyard. We'll make sure it matches your style, home and garden perfectly. Call us today to discuss our custom gazebos or pergolas.

Make the most of your outdoor space

Make the most of your outdoor space

If you're looking for something other than the usual deck or patio, Caiden Construction LLC is your go-to source for memorable outdoor living spaces. Custom pergolas and gazebos will:

  • Keep you safe and dry
  • Add extra usable space to your backyard
  • Provide shade on summer days
  • Define your outdoor space

For an affordable initial price and very little maintenance, your pergola or gazebo will provide decades of enjoyment. Set up an appointment today to start planning your design.